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My common library, a mixed bag of re-usable utility code.
My base library, a mixed bag of re-usable utility code.
WebJar for jQuery
WebJar for jQuery
This is so that other modules can depend on HK2 as an HK2 module.
DataNucleus Core provides the primary components of a heterogenous Java persistence solution. It supports persistence API's being layered on top of the core functionality.
Injection API (JSR 330) version ${javax.inject.version} repackaged as OSGi bundle
Plugin for DataNucleus providing persistence to RDBMS datastores.
Plugin providing DataNucleus implementation of the JDO API.
org.objectweb.asm.all version ${asm.version} repackaged as a module
An extension of the gateway that supports rewriting URLs is requests and responses.
Plugin providing DataNucleus support for Jodatime types.