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1. Plume Conf6 usages

com.coreoz » plume-confApache

File configuration with Typesafe Config
Database querying with Querydsl fluent API
Simplify the integration tests with a database
Hibernate/QueryDSL/Sql2o toolkit

5. Plume Services3 usages

com.coreoz » plume-servicesApache

Common services that are often needed in projects or libraries.

6. Wisp Scheduler3 usages

com.coreoz » wispApache

A simple Java Scheduler with a minimal footprint

7. Plume Jersey3 usages

com.coreoz » plume-web-jerseyApache

Plume Jersey

8. Plume Database2 usages

com.coreoz » plume-dbApache

A database connections source backed by HikariCP
Querydsl code generation from a SQL database

A task scheduler managed by Wisp Scheduler.

11. Plume Admin1 usages

com.coreoz » plume-adminApache

A simple administration back-office based on Plume Framework

12. Plume File Core1 usages

com.coreoz » plume-file-coreApacheApacheApache

A toolkit to store files in database and serve it with Jersey
Oracle database connection toolkit
Maven archetypes for Plume Framework
Bootstrap a project with Querydsl, jersey and Guice

16. Plume File Gallery

com.coreoz » plume-file-galleryApacheApacheApache

Manage files galleries
Bootstrap a project with Querydsl, Jersey, Guice and Grizzly embedded server

18. PPT Templates

com.coreoz » ppt-templatesApache

PPT Template is a small templating library to generate PowerPoint presentations.
Gather versions of various libraries used by Plume Framework

20. Plume Parent

com.coreoz » plume-parentApache

Plume Framework is a lightweight modular Java framework