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2. Indigo3 usages

com.epam » indigoGPL

Universal organic chemistry toolkit
Last Release on Oct 19, 2015
Group EPAM Indigo

4. Parso2 usages

com.epam » parsoApache

Parso is a lightweight Java library designed to read SAS7BDAT datasets. The Parso interfaces are analogous to libraries designed to read table-storing files, for example, CSVReader library. Despite its small size, the Parso library is the only full-featured open-source solution to process SAS7BDAT datasets, both uncompressed, CHAR-compressed and BIN-compressed. It is effective in processing clinical and statistical data often stored in SAS7BDAT format. Parso allows converting ...
Last Release on Jan 29, 2018
Group EPAM Uitest
Group EPAM Jenkins