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1. JTransforms8 usages

com.github.rwl » jtransformsGPLLGPLMPL

JTransforms is the first, open source, multithreaded FFT library written in pure Java. Benchmark results show better performance than FFTW.

2. Optimization3 usages

com.github.rwl » optimization

Optimization routines translated from FORTRAN to java.
The Google API Libraries for Google Web Toolkit is a collection of libraries that provide Java language bindings for popular Google JavaScript APIs. These libraries make it quick and easy for developers to use these Google JavaScript APIs with Google Web Toolkit. The libraries are supported by the Google Web Toolkit team.

4. Core LAPACK1 usages

com.github.rwl » core-lapackBSD

Java APIs for the BLAS and LAPACK Fortran libraries as translated through F2J.

5. AMDJ1 usages

com.github.rwl » AMDJLGPL

A set of routines for ordering a sparse matrix prior to Cholesky factorization.

6. BTFJ1 usages

com.github.rwl » BTFJLGPL

Permutes an unsymmetric matrix (square or rectangular) into its block upper triangular form.

7. JKLU1 usages

com.github.rwl » JKLULGPL

A sparse LU factorization algorithm suited to circuit simulation.

8. COLAMDJ1 usages

com.github.rwl » COLAMDJLGPL

Column approximate minimum degree ordering algorithm.

9. JPlasma

com.github.rwl » jplasmaBSD

JPlasma is a Java port of PLASMA (Parallel Linear Algebra for Scalable Multi-core Architectures).

10. JRE Emulation

com.github.rwl » jre_emulApache

JRE emulation library for J2ObjC