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Group: com.helger

1. Ph Commons109 usages

com.helger » ph-commonsApache

Java 1.8+ Library with tons of utility classes required in all projects

2. Ph Xml39 usages

com.helger » ph-xmlApache

Java 1.8+ Library with XML handling routines

3. Ph Datetime30 usages

com.helger » ph-datetimeApache

Java date time library based on joda time

4. Ph Jaxb26 usages

com.helger » ph-jaxbApache

Special Java 1.8+ Library with extended JAXB support

5. Ph Css24 usages

com.helger » ph-cssApache

Java CSS 3 parser and builder

6. Ph Web21 usages

com.helger » ph-webApache

Java library with basic web functionality

7. Jcodemodel19 usages

com.helger » jcodemodelApacheCDDLGPL

Java code generation library

8. Ph Json15 usages

com.helger » ph-jsonApache

JSON reader and writer libary

9. Peppol Commons13 usages

com.helger » peppol-commonsApacheEUPLMPL

Peppol Commons

10. Peppol Smp Client10 usages

com.helger » peppol-smp-clientApacheEUPLMPL


11. Ph Settings8 usages

com.helger » ph-settingsApache

Configuration, settings and preferences library

12. Ph Schematron8 usages

com.helger » ph-schematronApache

Library for validating XML documents with Schematron

13. Ph Scopes8 usages

com.helger » ph-scopesApache

Library for handling scopes in a generic way

14. Ph Fonts Api8 usages

com.helger » ph-fonts-apiApache

Contains the API to handle fonts

15. Ph Oton Jetty7 usages

com.helger » ph-oton-jettyApache

Embedded Jetty runner for all Java web applications

16. Ph Http7 usages

com.helger » ph-httpApache

Java library with http related stuff

17. Ph Html7 usages

com.helger » ph-htmlApache

Java library to programmtically create HTML and JavaScript code

18. Ph Oton Core7 usages

com.helger » ph-oton-coreApache

ph-oton core
XMLDSig wrapped in JAXB

20. Ph Oton Uicore6 usages

com.helger » ph-oton-uicoreApache

ph-oton UI core