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Group: com.spotify

1. Docker Client41 usages

com.spotify » docker-clientApacheApacheApache

A docker client
Convenience utilities for working with asynchronous Java 8
Spotify Apollo API Interfaces
Spotify Apollo Service Core (aka Leto)

5. com.spotify.metrics

Group used by 8 artifacts

6. Helios Client7 usages

com.spotify » helios-clientApache

Helios Client

7. com.spotify.docgenerator

Group used by 7 artifacts

Spotify Apollo API Environment

9. Scio Core6 usages

com.spotify » scio-core_2.11ApacheApacheApache

Scio - A Scala API for Google Cloud Dataflow

10. Spotify DNS Wrapper Library6 usages

com.spotify » dnsApache

A thin wrapper around dnsjava for some features related to SRV lookups.
Spotify Apollo Testing Helpers

12. Scio Core5 usages

com.spotify » scio-core_2.10Apache

Scio - A Scala API for Google Cloud Dataflow
Spotify Apollo API Implementations

14. Logging4 usages

com.spotify » loggingApache

Support classes for logging using logback and slf4j
Spotify Apollo Entity Middleware

16. Spotify Styx Common3 usages

com.spotify » styx-commonApache

Spotify Styx Common
Spotify Apollo Metrics Module

18. Ssh Agent Proxy3 usages

com.spotify » ssh-agent-proxyApache

A Java library that talks to the local ssh-agent.
Helios Service Registration
Spotify Styx Testing Utilities