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Group: com.thimbleware.jmemcached

1. Jmemcached Core25 usages

com.thimbleware.jmemcached » jmemcached-coreApache

Core implementation of the cache daemon

2. Jmemcached Command Line Interface3 usages

com.thimbleware.jmemcached » jmemcached-cliApache

Command line front end interface to the cache daemon.

3. Jmemcached Integration Test Module

com.thimbleware.jmemcached » jmemcached-testApache

Jmemcached Integration Test Module

4. Jmemcached Parent Project

com.thimbleware.jmemcached » jmemcached-parentApache

Caching server speaking the memcached protocol, written in Java.