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Group: io.sniffy

1. Sniffy Core8 usages

io.sniffy » sniffy-coreMIT

Sniffy Core classes and utilities
Sniffy Test Common

3. Sniffy3 usages

io.sniffy » sniffy-uiMIT

Sniffy counts the number of executed queries

4. Sniffy Web1 usages

io.sniffy » sniffy-webMIT

Sniffy Web Integration

5. Spock

io.sniffy » spockMIT

Sniffy Documentation

7. Sniffy Junit

io.sniffy » sniffy-junitMIT

Sniffy Junit

8. Sniffy Test

io.sniffy » sniffy-testMIT

Sniffy Test
Sniffy Integration Tests Spock

10. Sniffy

io.sniffy » sniffyMIT


11. Sniffy Parent

io.sniffy » sniffy-parentMIT

Sniffy counts the number of executed queries

12. Sniffy Testng

io.sniffy » sniffy-testngMIT

Sniffy Testng
Sniffy Integration Tests
Sniffy Integration Tests Spring Boot
Sniffy Spring Test