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Group: net.sf.m-m-m

1. Mmm Util Core18 usages

net.sf.m-m-m » mmm-util-coreApache

provides core utilities that fill gaps in the jdk.
This is the API of the search parsers.

3. Mmm Util Pojo6 usages

net.sf.m-m-m » mmm-util-pojoApache

This project provides common utitlities to for POJOs.
This project provides the API of the transaction-manager.

5. Mmm Util Entity3 usages

net.sf.m-m-m » mmm-util-entityApache

This project provides common interfaces and utitlities for entities.
This is the search parser for files of the mimetype "text/plain".
This project provides an implementation of the search-engine using apache lucene as underlying search-technology.

8. Mmm L10n De2 usages

net.sf.m-m-m » mmm-l10n-deApache

Localization for Germany (de_DE).

9. Mmm L10n ALL2 usages

net.sf.m-m-m » mmm-l10n-ALLApache

All localization as a single dependency.

Generic content parser used as fallback if no specific parser is available.
This project provides the API and base implementation of the search-engine.
This project provides advanced validation support.

13. Mmm L10n Fr2 usages

net.sf.m-m-m » mmm-l10n-frApache

Localization for French (fr_FR).
Content parsers for MS office documents using apache POI.

15. Mmm Util Search1 usages

net.sf.m-m-m » mmm-util-searchApache

This project provides a simple API for search infrastructure.
The implementation of mmm-persistence-query-api

17. Mmm Util Io1 usages

net.sf.m-m-m » mmm-util-ioApache

Utilities for input/output and streaming.
This project provides the actual service for content-parsers.
Content parsers for open-document files (mimetypes "application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.*").
The API to build typesafe dynamic queries