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1. Sitemesh85 usages

opensymphony » sitemesh


2. OS Core61 usages

opensymphony » oscore

OS Core

3. XWork60 usages

opensymphony » xwork

XWork is an command-pattern framework that is used to power WebWork as well as other applications. XWork provides an Inversion of Control container, a powerful expression language, data type conversion, validation, and pluggable configuration.

4. OSCache57 usages

opensymphony » oscache

OSCache is a caching solution that includes a JSP tag library and set of classes to perform fine grained dynamic caching of JSP content, servlet responses or arbitrary objects.

5. Webwork55 usages

opensymphony » webwork

POM was created from deploy:deploy-file

6. Quartz37 usages

opensymphony » quartzApache


8. Quartz All13 usages

opensymphony » quartz-all

Quartz All
OGNL Object Graph Navigation Library

10. OSUser8 usages

opensymphony » osuser

OSUser is a module of the OpenSymphony framework designed to provide a simple to use API for user-management

11. Webwork26 usages

opensymphony » webwork2

POM was created from deploy:deploy-file

12. Osworkflow5 usages

opensymphony » osworkflow

The artifact jar came with the webwork 2.1.5 distribution. The artifact url does not have a download link. If the jar is distributed elsewhere, please send the link to the maven team.
XWork Tiger Extensions are extensions of XWork taking advantage of Java 5 features like annotations and generics.

15. Clickstream2 usages

opensymphony » clickstream


16. Xwork Src

opensymphony » xwork-src

Xwork Src

17. Xwork Tiger Src

opensymphony » xwork-tiger-src

Xwork Tiger Src

18. Quartz Jboss

opensymphony » quartz-jboss

Quartz Jboss

19. Quartz Oracle

opensymphony » quartz-oracle

Quartz Oracle

20. Quartz Weblogic

opensymphony » quartz-weblogic

Quartz Weblogic