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Group: org.apache.ant

1. Apache Ant Core1,411 usages

org.apache.ant » antApache

Apache Ant Core

2. Apache Ant + JUnit183 usages

org.apache.ant » ant-junitApache

contains the junit and junirreport tasks

3. Apache Ant Launcher140 usages

org.apache.ant » ant-launcherApache

Apache Ant Launcher

4. Ant Nodeps106 usages

org.apache.ant » ant-nodepsApache

contains all the optional tasks and types which do not have particular dependencies
test utility classes

7. Ant Trax15 usages

org.apache.ant » ant-traxApache

contains particularly one class necessary for the execution of the xslt task

8. Apache Ant + JSch13 usages

org.apache.ant » ant-jschApache

contains the sshexec and scp tasks

9. Apache Ant10 usages

org.apache.ant » org.apache.antApache

Apache Ant

10. Ant Antunit9 usages

org.apache.ant » ant-antunitApache

Ant Antunit

11. Apache Ant + ANTLR8 usages

org.apache.ant » ant-antlrApache

antlr specific task. The implementation forks a java process, therefore the antlr jar file is only needed at runtime
ftp, rexec and telnet tasks

13. Apache Compress Antlib5 usages

org.apache.ant » ant-compressApache

Provides tasks and types that deal with AR, ARJ, CPIO, TAR, DUMP, 7Z and ZIP archives as well as BZIP2, PACK200, GZIP, LZMA and XZ compressed files based on Apache Commons Compress.

14. Apache Ant + Log4J4 usages

org.apache.ant » ant-apache-log4jApache

Apache Ant + Log4J

15. org.apache.ant.wso2

Group used by 4 artifacts

16. Apache Ant + JUnit 43 usages

org.apache.ant » ant-junit4Apache

contains JUnit 4.x support

17. Apache Ant + BSF3 usages

org.apache.ant » ant-apache-bsfApache

Apache Ant + BSF
Apache Ant + Apache Regexp

19. Apache Ant + JavaMail2 usages

org.apache.ant » ant-javamailApache

implementation of the mail task based on javamail. Required to send emails to SMTP servers using user/password combinations or to send mail over SSL
Ant Listener based on commons-logging