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A collection of robot functions that are useful for writing tests against websocket clients and servers
Last Release on Aug 6, 2014
Specification for TURN protocol
Last Release on Oct 28, 2017

163. Kaazing Common Environment

org.kaazing » commonApache

Manages a the common set of maven plugins and dependencies
Last Release on Jan 27, 2015
Kaazing Java Client API Documentation
Last Release on May 27, 2015

165. Net BBOSH Implementation

org.kaazing » netx.bboshApache

Support for Bidirectional Binary Streams Over HTTP (BBOSH) URLs
Last Release on Mar 31, 2016
Creates a truststore using trusted sources from Mozilla and Chrome
Last Release on Apr 5, 2016
HTTP 2.0 Protocol specification
Last Release on Jun 10, 2016
Generates a notice file that contains all the licenses from the dependencies
Last Release on Jul 16, 2015

169. Robot/cli

org.kaazing » robot.cliAGPL

Robot cli
Last Release on Oct 2, 2014

Specification for BBOSH protocol
Last Release on Jun 10, 2016
Gateway base distribution
Last Release on Jan 9, 2015

172. Nuklei Benchmarks

org.kaazing » nuklei-benchmarksApache

Benchmarks for components
Last Release on Feb 3, 2015
Universal Client
Last Release on Jun 21, 2016
Kaazing IOS Client WebSocket Client Certificate Demo
Last Release on May 30, 2015

175. Robot/parent

org.kaazing » robot.parentAGPLApache

Robot Protocols Testing Tool. Testing the "I" in IoT.
Last Release on Dec 11, 2014
Plugin for dealing with bower dependencies from Maven
Last Release on Dec 4, 2014

177. Net Extensions

org.kaazing » netx.parentApache

Network utility that extends, including URL
Last Release on Mar 31, 2016

178. Kaazing Gateway Metrics

org.kaazing » metricsApache

Kaazing Gateway Metrics
Last Release on Jul 31, 2015
MQTT 3.1.1 Protocol Specification
Last Release on Jun 10, 2016
Adds version properties to the build in a format that excludes the build number
Last Release on Jul 16, 2015