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Group: org.kuali.maven.impex

1. JDBC Support Utilities2 usages

org.kuali.maven.impex » jdbc-supportECL

Various utility methods for JDBC

2. Torque Generator1 usages

org.kuali.maven.impex » torque-generatorECL

This is the Kuali version of ASF's torque generator

3. Torque Templates1 usages

org.kuali.maven.impex » torque-templatesECL

This is the Kuali version of ASF's torque Velocity macro templates

4. Maven Impex Plugin

org.kuali.maven.impex » maven-impex-pluginECL

Maven plugin for converting database agnostic XML files into platform specific SQL files and for examining proprietary databases via JDBC to generate database agnostic XML files

5. Impex Parent

org.kuali.maven.impex » impexECL

This is the parent pom for the Maven Impex Plugin