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1. Restnext Util4 usages

org.restnext » restnext-utilApache

RestNext Util

2. Restnext Core2 usages

org.restnext » restnext-coreApache

RestNext Core
RestNext Security

4. Restnext Route1 usages

org.restnext » restnext-routeApache

RestNext Route

5. Restnext Server

org.restnext » restnext-serverApache

RestNext Server

6. Restnext Bom

org.restnext » restnext-bomApache

RestNext Bill of Materials to make sure a consistent set of versions is used for the modules.

7. Restnext

org.restnext » restnextApache

RestNext is a framework built on top of Netty framework with automatic security and route scanning approach for micro services.