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1. SciJava Common69 usages

org.scijava » scijava-commonBSDCC0

SciJava Common is a shared library for SciJava software. It provides a plugin framework, with an extensible mechanism for service discovery, backed by its own annotation processor, so that plugins can be loaded dynamically. It is used by downstream projects in the SciJava ecosystem, such as ImageJ and SCIFIO.

2. Java 3D Vecmath18 usages

org.scijava » vecmathGPLGPL

Math functions for the Java 3D Graphics API

3. Java 3D Core13 usages

org.scijava » j3dcoreGPLGPL

3D Graphics API for the Java Platform

4. Java 3D Utils11 usages

org.scijava » j3dutilsBSD

Utility functions for the Java 3D Graphics API
A library for loading native libraries.
JSR-223-compliant Java scripting language plugin.

7. SciJava UI: AWT5 usages

org.scijava » scijava-ui-awtBSDCC0

SciJava user interface components for Java AWT.
JSR-223-compliant JavaScript scripting language plugin.
JSR-223-compliant BeanShell scripting language plugin.

Script Editor and Interpreter for SciJava script languages.

11. JUnitBenchmarks4 usages

org.scijava » junit-benchmarksApache

A framework for writing performance micro-benchmarks using JUnit4 annotations, forked from
JSR-223-compliant Jython scripting language plugin.

13. Jython Shaded3 usages

org.scijava » jython-shadedCC0JYTHON

Jython Shaded
SciJava user interface components for Java Swing.
A general-purpose mathematical expression parser, which converts infix expression strings into postfix queues and/or syntax trees.
JSR-223-compliant Groovy scripting language plugin.
JSR-223-compliant JRuby scripting language plugin.

18. Java Expression Parser2 usages

org.scijava » jepGPL

JEP is a Java library for parsing and evaluating mathematical expressions.
MATLAB scripting language plugin.
JSR-223-compliant Clojure scripting language plugin.