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Command Line Parsers

Annotation based command line arguments parser
Library supporting an implementation of command line interface for Java applications
A simple but powerful Scala command line parser.
Command Line Arguments Parser for Java
POSIX-style Java utility argument binder
Extracting command line options directly into data members: each field marked with an @External annotation automatically becomes a command line option. Extracting the options values from the command line arguments, i.e., the "String[] args" parameter to main, into the field(s), requires a single method invocation: Introspector.extract(args, o1, o2, ...) where o1,o2, ... are the objects in which the fields annotated with @External.
LineArgs is a simple implementation of command line arguments parser based on annotations/metadata. A .NET version with the same API is also available.

Java annotation-based framework for parsing Git like command line structures
cli-util is an extension of apache common's java command line interface (commons-cli) library. It adds sub commands, more type safely and a declarative style for defining commands, their options, flags and arguments.
A Java library to support command-line apps, including daemonization support.