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Eclipse JDT Core Batch Compiler
QDox is a high speed, small footprint parser for extracting class/interface/method definitions from source files complete with JavaDoc @tags. It is designed to be used by active code generators or documentation tools.
The core parser functionality. This may be all you need.
This package contains a Java 1.7 Parser with AST generation and visitor support. The AST records the source code structure, javadoc and comments. Soon will be possible change the AST nodes or create new ones to modify source code like refactoring. This parser is based on Sreenivasa Viswanadha Java 1.5 parser.
An abstract syntax tree for java source code, including a parser and converters to/from ecj (eclipse) and javac.
The Type Annotations Compiler is a fully backwards compatible customization of the Open JDK javac compiler with additional support for type annotations.