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Maven Plugins

The scala-maven-plugin (previously maven-scala-plugin) is used for compiling/testing/running/documenting scala code of any maven project.
Maven plugin that can be used to access various operations on a given URL using a supported maven wagon. Supports recursive upload, download, and list directory content functionality.
Maven plugin for submitting Java code coverage reports to Coveralls web service.
M2 plugin for jsp tag libraries developers for the generation, documentation and testing of jsp tag libraries.
Maven plugin that commits files to a branch in a GitHub repository
The codegenerator plugin allows creating Java sources for FIX Messages from a QuickFIX XML dictionary

This is a plugin meant to help maven user to download different files on different protocol in part of maven build. For the first implementation, there will only be a goal that will help downloading a maven artifact from the command line. Future version of the plugin could include web download, ftp download, scp download and so on.