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Common set of classes to test PowerMock features in mocking framework modules.
Last Release on Nov 4, 2016
A fix to allow you to use Mockito with Groovy
Last Release on Sep 23, 2013
Mocking Framework for Groovy
Last Release on Jun 24, 2013
Jmockring All Modules
Last Release on Mar 13, 2017
Using Mockito with Kotlin.
Last Release on Jun 21, 2018
A lightweight mocking framework
Last Release on Aug 4, 2015
PowerMock allows you to unit test code normally regarded as untestable. For instance it is possible to mock static methods, remove static initializers, allow mocking without dependency injection and more. PowerMock works by bytecode manipulation. PowerMock also contain some utilities that gives you easier access to an objects internal state. PowerMock can be used to test otherwise untestable code and also to achieve a cleaner separation between test and ...
Last Release on Nov 4, 2016

A Kotlin Wrapper for JMock
Last Release on Jan 4, 2017
Deadly simple Java 8 web application framework for mocking and testing
Last Release on Apr 6, 2015
Mocking Library.
Last Release on Feb 26, 2012